Monthly Archives: March 2013

Citizen AT4007-54E: Something to wear, everywhere!


Amazingly elegant and stylish! Well, that will be the very first thought (even to modest watch enthusiasts) the AT4007-54E shall provoke; to Citizen Eco-Drive collectors and tool-watch zealots, this will make a part of their elite collection. The AT4007-54E is in accordance with latest technologies and design, so it is a semi-formal situation that suits […]

Citizen AT4010-50E: Finely crafted, looks expensive


This can be undoubtedly called one of the most stunning styles by the one the Jap Giant that embraces tech-marvels effortlessly. In fact, that’s how the greater part of Citizen is; stylish, looks expensive and built tough; yet affordable to most. Enclosed are features exhibiting the highest of technological wonders and are adored by collectors […]

BL5250-02L Citizen: Something to be excited about


Watch nuts, more or less, own this Citizento bridge the gap between ultra-cheap and insanely high prices. It’s even with them who need at least something to be interested or excited about. It’s a fantastic watch, impressive enough even for selective wearing. Before all those details, there’s couple of something to be pointed out. There […]

Value for money: The Seiko Monster Automatic 200M Divers Watches!


With the improved 4R36 movement that allows for both hacking (stopping the seconds-hand for flawless time sync) and manual winding. And though not a Golgo13 that would make you kill for, the Seiko Monster Automatic qualifies as a purchase to be treasured for a longer length of time. The Seiko Monster Automatic, apart from the […]