Citizen AT4010-50E: Finely crafted, looks expensive

This can be undoubtedly called one of the most stunning styles by the one the Jap Giant that embraces tech-marvels effortlessly. In fact, that’s how the greater part of Citizen is; stylish, looks expensive and built tough; yet affordable to most. Enclosed are features exhibiting the highest of technological wonders and are adored by collectors around the globe. Two of those are multiple timekeeping and the perpetual calendar but it’s the radio-control that drove Citizen Eco-Drive  watches to another dimension. They are now considered the most precise watches that you can ever find.
 Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar AT4010-50E Titanium Mens Watch
Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar AT4010-50E Titanium Mens Watch
The AT4010-50E is the latest addition to the up-market Citizen Eco-Drive-s. It has all the above and a couple more – the power reserve indicator and an alarm. The sapphire glass and stainless steel build makes it immune to scratch and it goes well with both casual and formal occasions. The Citizen Perpetual Chrono A-T does almost anything one could possibly want a watch to do without functional complexities making overkills. It combines all of Citizen’s best features at a price point incredible for a high-end Eco-Drive. It’s far less cumbersome and doesn’t appear too-big like many others within this price range. Comprehensive instructions make adjustments very easy and there’s nothing intuitive here. However, the complexity of functions might take you a while before you remember them all. The biggest (and only) downside of the watch is its mostly US-oriented time zones. While users (or frequent travelers to and fro) in LA, Denver, Chicago, New York and London will reap complete benefits, other time zones outside America shall stay dependent on the alternate time zone. Daylight savings can be turned on or off as needed, both for home and alternate time zones. And don’t expect the alarm to wake you up if jet lag has shut you off for some time. It’s not that loud.

But it’s comfortable and is perhaps half the weight of other watches with same heft and bulk. Laptop or tablet users shall greatly benefit from it; in fact, anyonewith an usage for hands.

Lastly, the looks, though some might have preferred it much before. The Perpetual Chrono A-T can easily be called an elegant blend between Rolex Submariner, Sector and Sky-Hawk at half the price of the Submariner. All those cool tech, features and the great materials, too.