Citizen AT4007-54E: Something to wear, everywhere!

Amazingly elegant and stylish! Well, that will be the very first thought (even to modest watch enthusiasts) the AT4007-54E shall provoke; to Citizen Eco-Drive collectors and tool-watch zealots, this will make a part of their elite collection. The AT4007-54E is in accordance with latest technologies and design, so it is a semi-formal situation that suits it most. The barriers can still be stretched without causing much discomfort.
Citizen Atomic Perpetual Eco-Drive Chronograph AT4007-54E Mens Watch
The Citizen AT4007-54E chronograph blends unique features perfectly with the required dash of fashionable sensing. Nothing more, nothing less. It is elegantly spunky, enormously featured and built to last. The all stainless-steel construction (including bracelet, fold-over clasp and the push-button mechanics) gives a dim glaze to the watch, which makes the silver hands and index markers on the black dial stand out even more. It is sapphire crystal that covers it all; this won’t get the scratch but also doesn’t hold up too well against high impacts. But it definitely makes for better visibility and the watch’s overall extraordinary appearance. The insides make it a mind-grabbing thing. The Eco-Drive technology charges it sufficiently (procedures followed) to check them out at one go. All of those complexities; however, seem to give the dial a little busy look, but then again, professionals might see it another way. The only point where both might agree is the signal for auto time synch is not uniform at all locations and thus, cannot always be relied upon. Just running basic timekeeping functions will keep the watch going (in total darkness) for 180 days. Regular wearing habits will give it enough exposure to top up the power storage. Anyway, you won’t need all those suggestions and advices if you keep an eye over the power reserve indicator. Nothing much to say on the Perpetual Calendar; unless you’ve been living among walruses, you’ve heard of this little arrangement taking care of counting days, leap years et al so that you don’t have to. It will outlive you, so don’t worry on losing track again. The lume is good, but not as great as Seiko’s. But that’s their good point; here, it’s Citizen’s completeness that’s been discussed. And comfort. The AT4007-54E got good heft but sits very well on the wrist without being too heavy, making it an ideal 24/7 work-wear with adequate durability to take hardship for prolonged periods. Lastly, it’s about making a fashion statement. True, designer watches make some more, but that’s within the dress circle; the tech circuit doesn’t eat that well. To them, technology should look nice and chic and the Citizen AT4007-54E is what they mean by it.