The Casio Smartwatch for iPhone Enthusiasts

Casio G-Shock

Calling all iPhone lovers! Here’s a Casio G-Shock that will pique your curiosity! Presenting, the Casio’s GB6900AA G-Shock Smartwatch!

In a world full of iPhone-crazed (iEverything actually) individuals, this audacious move from Casio is not at all surprising. A smart watch is actually not a new thing. Many companies have come up with their own phone-watch mergers over the years; mostly for Androids. You have the InPulse, I’m Watch, and WimmOne, to name a few. Pebble is also a smart watch that was created for iPhone. The futuristic look of the aforementioned watches doesn’t appeal much to me though.

Through a Bluetooth 4.0, the Casio GB6900AA G-Shock has the ability to notify the wearer of text messages, incoming calls, and emails from an iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. The watch is built with a feature than many iPhone addicts will love and find very useful: Phone Finder. In the rare case that you misplace your iPhone, the Casio Smartwatch will locate it for you. It doesn’t have the capability to show you your iPhone’s location in a map, but it will sound your phone’s alarm and make it vibrate until you find it. But what if it’s located, let’s say, uhm, 12,000 miles from your home? Just buy another iPhone. Capisce?

What’s good about this watch is the fact that it is backed up by a good history of excellent quality unlike other smart watches.

The Casio GB6900AA G-Shock Smartwatch has the same battery life as a normal wrist watch in spite of its highly advanced features thanks to the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. It is characterized by low power consumption. With the BLE, the watch’s battery life can last up to two (2) years based on twelve (12) hours of use each day.

Here’s the downside, you can’t have an intellectual chat with your dear friend, SIRI. The watch does not have a built-in microphone…yet.

At $180 a pop, the watch is packed with all the cool iPhone-related features and, of course, the ones that G-Shock watches are known and admired for. Aside from its shock resistant feature, the G-Shock Smartwatch is water-resistant up to 200 meters, has a LED super illuminator, five daily alarms, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, mute functionality, and much more. It is available in four colors (gray blue, brown, white, and black).

With all that jazz, the asking price is actually pretty reasonable, don’t you think?